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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakysage View Post
    I have no proper inner monologue. I mostly think in images (or video simulation). Basically imagination. However, I do speak to myself many times. I would say the inner monologue only comes up when I converse with people.
    This. I must say, I'm rather puzzled by the enthusiasm people are agreeing to having inner monologues. Maybe I'm unaware that I do it but I do think my thought processes are more image based than language.

    Just read back to Halla's comment and this is the only example I'm aware of doing: "I see you reading my mind. Yeah, thought I wouldn't know, huh? You can't control me!"

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    Inner Monologue... Sort of. Basically, a set of thoughts that will at any turn of events, produce the most evil concievable thing for me to do (In an immediate, realistic sense), as well as spawn thoughts that are the opposite of my set of beliefs. Annoying on bad days, but good willpower exercise. From a strictly intellectual viewpoint, it's somewhat fascinating. On the other hand, I do have a tendancy to talk to myself, it's easier to backtrack through your thoughts that way.
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    So I realize I'm way late on posting to this thread... it's apparently been since 2010 since anyone has posted, and I'm sure no one looks on here anymore.

    I feel compelled to post anyway because I was shocked to hear that some people don't have an inner monologue. It is something that is so ingrained into my being that I just assumed everybody had it. It sounds like my own voice, and it is constantly, constantly going. Sometimes it is conscious thought, but sometimes it is just stuff that pops into my head without me really realizing it. Sometimes it is even disturbing... for example I'm driving and think if I accidentally cross over the line and kill myself and the newspaper headlines and my parents and friends greiving at my funeral... it all happens in 2.2 seconds and I immediately think how weird it is and "change the subject" in my head.

    I will also rehearse conversations I've had recently over and over again, which gets annoying.

    My constant inner dialogue would not allow me to sleep when I was a kid, it was a big problem. I couldn't stop thinking. I solved it by falling asleep to TV... listening to it allowed me to "zone out" and was a blessing, I still to this day can not fall asleep without it.

    I think this is why I have so many alcoholics in my family, does the same zone out affect.

    Last thing... I am fascinated by the few on here who say they do not have an inner dialogue, just images. I don't "see" images at all ever, unless I really focus. Just my constant nagging voice in my head. Ugh!

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    Mine only makes sense if I speak it, otherwise it's a jumble of.... Sounds.

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