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    Hmm, I'm not even really sure what an inner monologue is.

    edit: I think I am mostly like Oakysage with this whole monologue thing. I need a sidekick to share these thoughts or imaginations with. I tend to think in musical lyrics and images as well. At times, scents, and physical sensations will also serve to tell me what I'm thinking.
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    Typically my inner monologue is only really apparent to me when I am thinking about some idea. The voice is mine and the interaction can be in various ways. Just the voice, two voices discussing, or one voice and a kind of feeling/images/sensations as a response and some other ways too. Other times I have no inner monologue, just a sense of myself and my environment.

    Actually I just had this really long internal monologue while I was in the bath thinking about this old Zen proverb Not the flag, not the wind; mind is moving. That got interrupted by a Guns and Roses song Mr Brownstone I'd heard today which made got me thinking about how the song and proverb could go together.

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    I'm convienced most people have an inner monologue, especially when people are brought up reading silently to themselves. It's probably just you commenting on reality in your own head.

    Still... You sometimes pretend it's a 'higher/different perspective' person.

    Kai: Jibber Jabber
    Inner Kai: Yeah.... You do realise that plan is kind of flawed?
    Kai: Hmm. You do have a point. Uhhh need to change plan.

    It's all those people who talk to themselves.

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    See signature.

    (In a posh English accent) "And the male approaches the female with a puffed out chest to display his dominance..."
    I have an inner monologue that sounds strikingly similar to something off Animal Planet.

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    "That's not right...and regarding that other thing - was it always like that or is it historically incoherent?"

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    [YOUTUBE=""]Inner Monologue[/YOUTUBE]

    It is, for better or worse, very similar to this. Although I don't think mine is as depressing

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    No. I have thoughts, but I'm not one to have a monologue inside my head. I don't talk to myself in my head, I think about things. I talk to people.

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    Sometimes I will get a word or phrase stuck in my head which shows up when I'm not thinking of anything, like Jolly Rancher (that was a serious one for a couple weeks) or the graaaaaaand poooooobahhhhh. When my grandfather died several years ago I was just saying Grandpa. Grandpa. Grandpa. in my mind, over and over.

    Usually, though, it's just amorphous blobby thoughts and images and concepts or feelings or sensations. I don't think I think in words, only when I'm trying to communicate or write in my journal. Or sometimes I will describe things to myself, like people's mannerisms on the subway, or looking out the window on a train trip, describing the scenery, like how the trees are reaching their tender-budded tips, how the ground is still soft and dark from the recent rain, how the wind rubs against the skin of the water like a wrinkled mirror... as though I'm telling myself a story of what I am seeing.

    Somehow it reminds me of this:
    [YOUTUBE=""]Harold Crick[/YOUTUBE]
    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.

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    I really am not sure what my inner monologue is like. I've answered people's questions flippantly before "Yes, my inner voice talks" but thinking about it more I'm really not sure if that's how it works. It actually changes, sometimes it's just thinking, I do a lot of internal thinking. A lot of whys. I also sometimes can do a two part thing, talking to myself, but it is not that as often as it is just thinking.

    I'm still not sure the answer is correct because I have no baseline to compare it against.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    Do you have an inner monologue?
    Yes I have an inner monologue and I call it self-talk.

    But what is most interesting I have learnt to turn it off.

    And then suddenly there is no self-talk and there I am, wide awake but no self-talk. The world is completely the same, but no self-talk.

    It is a pleasant almost ecstatic state, but when I start to do something the self-talk starts up again all by itself.

    And I find it refreshing and relaxing to turn my self-talk off for a while.

    Also I have learnt to express my self-talk during the day and I call this self-expression.

    Fortunately I like my self-talk and when I express it, it comes out as humorous and warm. And during the day people smile and laugh at my self-expression.

    And when I tire of self-expression, I come home and turn it off for a while for a rest.

    However sometimes my self-expression runs away with itself and people call me a soliloquist. I rather like the word soliloquist, but I do try to watch myself and the other person so that my self-expression won't run away with itself - at least not too often.

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