A marked Protestant trop is personal testimony.

Personal testimony is based on the personal interpretation of the Bible.

But in Protestant circles it has become sacrosanct.

So if you live in a Protestant country like the USA, you take it in with your mother's milk. In other words you take personal testimony for granted as a way of seeing, and as a way of arriving at the truth.

But if you understand Statistics, you know that personal testimony is merely anecdotal.

And anecdotes can never show you the whole picture of what is going on.

Unfortunately this suits the Protestant Ascendancy for they would much prefer the people to not know what is going on.

So we have here members telling us anecdote after anecdote, naively and bravely telling us the truth about themselves, burying us in the Protestant trop.

Of course the Protestant trop is taken-for-granted, but how I long to step outside the taken-for-granted into ecstasy.