When I was younger I remember a childrens Saturday morning TV show featuring a video game called Weird Dreams, which I remember loving because I loved games and the idea of being able to turn around a nightmare and turn it into an adventure had some appeal to me too.

I had a strange interest in dreams and their content when I was a kid but I think it was in a way a cultural thing too, there were the Nightmare in Elm St. movies and I vaguely remember other cultural references too.

Weird Dreams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

YouTube - Amiga Longplay [113] Weird Dreams

I only recently remembered this while searching another c64/Amiga game on Youtube (I love the long plays and endings people have loaded up) and then looked up the Wiki.

So I was thinking this game is almost a Jungian quest, there's both spirituality and psychological symbolic content in the story and there's a novella tied in with the game (I remember the whole reading vs. gaming controversies which existed back then but which have all but disappeared now, the UK media tracked the sales of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks versus the sales of video games would you believe and one of the software houses cleverly released game adaptations of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks which were released with a copy of the book inside). I'm trying to think of anything quite like this and I'm not sure that I can, despite the fact that a lot of consoles are more powerful now and can involve graphics which are much more horrifying or nasty, warranting age ratings. I think gaming is less cerebrally challenging now, doesnt have anything like the storylines of old (the story lines behind the Sir Arthur Pendragon Series, Staff of Karnath, Entombed and Black Whyche are worthy of HP Lovecraft or William Hope Hodgson).

Anyway, if you were to write your own version of Weird Dreams what would it be and what would the spiritual or psychological significance of elements within it be?