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Thread: Spending types?

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    I have never cared that much for posessions, but I will pay crazy amounts of money for an experience. I would never ever EVER buy say.. a couch, over taking a trip. If it can be purchased, it can usually be replaced, so it doesnt have that high of value to me. Required items like food, I will bargain hunt like a mofo. I like 2nd hand stores for clothing. I am the kind of person that will take 80% of my paycheck and put it towards a cruise.. then live on mac n' cheese and cup o noodles for 8 days. I have rationalized paying my rent a week late so I could buy concert tickets for me and my closesy friends. There are only a few things that I will pay high price for, parfuum, certain foods, and gifts to friends or family. I can't stand being a cheapscate socially, and when I see other people do it I *cringe*. It is so unbecoming to me, I don't know why.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erm View Post
    Credit cards are great if you use them right. They can save a fair bit of money with the random bonuses they have, and as long as you pay off the bill when it arrives, don't incur any interest. The best thing being how they boost your credit rating if you use them like this. Makes for a much better mortgage or what-have-you done the line.
    This. I put all monthly expenses and bills (minus mortgage) on one CC which I pay off monthly. I get great cash rewards by using the card and that goes directly into an higher yield account. That's free money and it's like a little game I play, I get a ridiculous thrill from it too. I'm not a big spender, I do like shopping and I look for sales, use coupons, all that. ENFJ man has some crazy sale radar, he will research things to death so if I am considering a purchase I tell him and two days later I have a spreadsheet and three options. I love that part. We don't completely deny ourselves things but he has much worse buyers remorse than I do.
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    I enjoy some of the finer things in life. I really like spending money on my hair and fancy alcohols and good food. I was born a spender, but also really poor. So now I've achieved this nice happy medium of discipline and enjoyment. I know when I'm allowed to spend and I know when to stop, I don't usually go overboard. I have a decent handle on the bigger picture with my money. I can also be very very frugal and inventive when I'm in a pinch with money. Regarding stuff I'm keeping, (not food and stuff), I only try to buy things that I really REALLY like and that I will use, or stuff that I need.
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    i enjoy being frugal and getting the most out of as little spent, i keep a squirrel fund, also like to plan for future endeavors.

    im not an impulsive spender because im not comfortable with what tomorrow might bring and i like being prepared, so i dont have to lean on anyone. i definitely feel less control when my finances are not in order. i like my bills payed ahead.
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