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    I theorise everything that I don't find boring. I think I just want to know and understand.
    Freude, schöner Götterfunken Tochter aus Elysium, Wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heiligtum! Deine Zauber binden wieder Was die Mode streng geteilt; Alle Menschen werden Brüder, Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Into It View Post
    I don't have the capability to pay attention to what's going on around me. I dated a girl for two months and was unable to recall if she had glasses. I had to call and ask. As it turns out, she did- every day. I don't know the color of any of my friends' cars except for my room mates, which I park next to every day...I've had a broken foot and elbow for the past two months, and everyone has been giving me their sympathies, but in spite of being extraordinarily limited in my available actions, I have not been bothered for the most part. More than anyone I've ever met, I'm just not capable of knowing what's going on around me - that is, everything I see is just means to the end of the thought that it produces, only then is any interest held. There is almost no place I can think of which makes me more positively annoyed than an art gallery, and I'm still at a loss for an opinion of good vs. bad art - good art is art which is easy to ignore - which is actually a whole lot of art, come to think of it. The idea of using senses for any extended period of time is very odd to me, and it was not until MBTI that I met the idea which I now accept - there were people who can not only use their senses for extended periods of time, but are able to do it daily. It wrecked my paradigm, and N v S was what drew me into this particular theory, as well as having the charm of astrology, (which I am still unfamiliar with - but I know many people ARE charmed by it) with the added benefit (and necessity for a realistic model of this kind) of arbitrariness. So, I think your question was why we like theory...and for my part it is really all that I can think about. Trying to think about anything without a theoretical bent is like staring at an arbitrary spot of blank wall all day without allowing your attention to get distracted. It's next to impossible for lack of stimulation.
    This is good.

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