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    Default Psychology and time

    How well does psychology survive cultural change?
    wails from the crypt.

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    Do you mean the study of psychology? The psychological make up of a person?

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    psychology as in

    "personalities occur in a minority of people, like rebellious teenagers or delinquents who prefer unemployment over exhaustion. the developement or discovery of a personality is often the onset of a depression or psychosis, which can lead to violence or high costs for the community. 'the others' who are affected by personality should be handed over to 'the care' of authorities who are 'educated' as defined by the state. 'the others' should be discouraged from helping themselves or helping each other, as no human being without propper education must be allowed to temper with such scary depths as their own personality, ever. much more scientific work is required, to understand these depths. so far, attempts to understand the brains of mice have been disappointing. while scientists can't understand personalities, the major professional objective must be mere disciplining and administration of affected individuals. other than educated authorities only priests and god himself are allowed to fuck with them"

    i hope it dies soon.

    when enough of us have become human, psychology should merge into mainstream and culture.

    i played with the thought of studying psychology, but the stupidity of the scientific material scared the shit out of me.

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