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    I've noticed that many people who look like they get things done and don't procrastinate have lower self esteem than those who do procrastinate. I started a huge argument about this with my family over a really simple task today, but I couldn't get anywhere with my point because it's so complex... there's no practical solution to it that I can try to get across. It's hard to get my ideas across when my parents believe that no matter what, they are right... *sigh*
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    Thumbs down The Divided Self

    There is nothing nicer than doing what we want to do. We can do it with our whole self. And almost anything we do is pleasurable. But doing what someone else wants us do is another kettle of fish. It divides us against ourself.

    But worse, when we are small we are told it is for our own good. And indeed if we do it, we are good. And if we don't do it, we are bad.

    But as we grow older we discover that everyone has been told the same thing. And so having a divided self is normal. And naturally we want to belong, no one wants to be weird, and so we accept our divided self as an good thing and as a necessary thing. Indeed we even become proud of our divided self.

    And so we are left with: what we do, and how we feel. And the two are not the same.

    Indeed we are absurd but everyone around us is equally absurd so we don't notice.

    But just below the level of consciousness, the two parts of the divided self scrape against one another and it hurts. So we try to drown the hurt in alcohol or pot or sex, or even exercise or TV.

    But nothing helps for we can't escape from ourselves, our divided selves. So we have children and a divorce and produce more divided selves.

    The odd thing about it is that it all seems so normal.

    And the important thing about it is that our institutions can't function without our divided selves.

    So you can see, as they put us into our grave, that it was all for our own good - or if not for our own good, at least for the good of our institutions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timeless View Post
    Why not?

    I'm open to everything and won't shoot down it. If I don't like it, then I'll shoot it down.


    This is what I like about you ENTPs. Always so level headed about receiving new information....well maybe not always:P Here you go:

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