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Thread: Could you kill?

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    Absolutely. But there would have to be a damn good reason!
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    I think everyone could kill, but just a few people are honest about it. I'll admit that I could possibly kill someone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d@v3 View Post
    To the OP: Yes, and I have killed before. There is a different between killing and murdering someone. Murder is unjustified. Killing is something that is sanctioned, whether through an act of self defense, or an act of warfare.
    I'm happy that I'm not a soldier, since I simply couldn't accept such reasoning. If I had to take anybody's life for any reason, I would have to take mine afterwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blank View Post
    I wouldn't have much of a problem killing a human.

    Animals are a different matter though.
    Quote Originally Posted by incubustribute View Post
    The only situation in which I could ever feel justified killing someone would be to save my own life from an attack, or to defend a loved one. I'm not saying I'm against the military necessarily or any of that jazz, just me personally.
    I agree with these. I have no doubt that I could kill. I don't think that it would be justified, but if I purged all sympathetic emotions from me (which is possible), I could do it. I'd obviously feel worse than horrible at some point afterwards, but the question was "Could you kill?" And the answer is yes.
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    Yes, I *could* kill.

    Wouldn't necessarily want to, but I could.

    Either accidentally, or in self-defense, or by committing suicide.

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    Again? Sure.

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    If I was forced to - yes without question. The idea is repulsive to me however.

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