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    Default Karma, my name is earl, lists of misdeeds

    I was talking to a friend about the TV show My Name Is Earl and he was telling me that its really out of sync with the concept of karma in fact in the faiths which believe it but that his act of public contrition and list of misdeeds for which he seeks to repent and put right IS in line with how early Christians would act after becoming confirmed in their faith.

    I've been doing some searches online and there's pretty much as much to support one view as another, what do any of you think? Is the action more important than the motivation even? I've known fans of the show who dont particularly have any deep seated views or faith but who were inspired by the show to do something like the list of misdeeds.

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    MY name is Earl was not a good source of reference for anything really.

    I wonder why it was canceled?

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    It was cancelled?! GOD DAMN!!

    Who is responsible for this cluster fuck, I must make them pay!!

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