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Can you give me a reasonable argument to prove your ethical system is superior to God's? That is what you're implying, correct? We should propagate individual humanistic ethical codes over theological codes?
That is an interesting line of reasoning, as it seems to me that all morality starts with the person making the decision. Why should the external theology -- other people's experiences and feelings and perceptions -- be considered more true, in general, than what a person is experiencing and feeling and perceiving themselves?

It's like a system of checks and balances to me. External theology is just the "group thought" on the spiritual issue, or even just the cultural institution of some spiritual ideas; individuals need to infuse the cultural code so that it does not become irrelevant or die off as a dinosaur, while the individual can benefit from self-review in consideration of what many other people have perceived and believed over the decades or centuries.

Why is one promoted beyond the other -- and particularly a social standard that exists as its own entity rather than within a human being, for whom such standards were created in the first place?

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If you are capable of picking up a bible and concluding that the ethical system therein is a good one, you are relying on your own ethical judgment. If you are capable of saying "God is good," and really believing it, then you are relying on your own judgment of good and evil.
That's an excellent point (and sort of what I was poking at, vaguely, here).

Yes, in the end it's still the individual moral choice of the person what standards are accepted and what standards are rejected. There is no external ethos, it STILL comes to a head within each individual person.

So how can I know my moral system is superior to God's, then? Easy, just judge his system how you would judge anything else WITHOUT the presupposition he can't be wrong no matter how immorally he behaves. Then it's easy. If you think that he can only be perfect (*which means you're really just taking his word for it*), then there is no reason to have this discussion. If you're willing to take an unbiased look at both sides, it becomes clear.
That makes sense as well.

(Note: You won't KNOW your moral system is better than "God's" but you can believe it to be so.)