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    Postmodernism is...


    Quote Originally Posted by Avis View Post
    Not quite
    It's not about abandoning reason. It's simply about seeing its limits and recognizing that reason alone sometimes just doesn't cut it.

    The lack of meaning as the new meaning? Not quite. As I've said before, it's about contextualizing (maybe this explains it better; I'm sorry that it's quite a long read) . Nothing has meaning in and of itself, but only gains it via interpretation (and I think that's quite obvious).

    Regarding your last assumption: "There is no Truth, only truths." That captures it quite well. It doesn't state that nothing is certain at all - it's simply a principled scepticism towards metaphysical explanations of the world. A decisive "I couldn't tell."

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    I'm not nihilistic. Never. No way.

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    Seriously though, I think that a lot of controversy is based on misconceptions (which might be shocking news to some of you). Postmodernism is neither good nor bad (and it inherently defies any claim to elitism or absolutism). To some it's simply more plausible, to others more nonsensical or arbitrary. I'm simply drawn to it because I can find a lot of concepts there that have always sounded familiar to me but were put in an elegant and coherent phrasing.
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    [RE-EDITED 09.12.01 13:40]

    Quote Originally Posted by Avis View Post
    It's not about abandoning 'grand narratives', it's about contextualizing them.
    No. "Contextualizing" grand narratives kills them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Avis View Post
    Regarding your last assumption: "There is no Truth, only truths."
    As for multiple truths, let me remind you of some of the earlier posts, aka "but you're still standing on my neck".

    Postmodernism is only looking at the truth that "there are multiple truths" while selfishly disregarding everything else, so it can never be a great narrative itself. You've said yourself truth is subjective. So there may not be multiple truths. The whole concept of postmodernism is a crazy hallucination of the post-Auschwitz era, like a sick dog constantly running after its tail while barking nonesense.

    Setting truth aside - what about structure, efficiency, companionship, rationality? I don't care the LEAST tiny bit about paradoxical mentalmasturbation generated by our lack of knowledge and historical necessity while 1 billion people are living from an average of 2$/day. You can not build a society upon uncertainty and disappointment.

    It is elitistic because the "intellectual elite" is desperately trying to dissociate itself from the masses of people since the dawn of the consumer society and the birth of modern plutocracy, and its only way to do that is pulling bullshit theories from their asses. You might not be a nihilist, but postmodernism breeds nihilism.
    Fortunately, I don't take it too serious and try to see it as it is: a way of transition.

    They're not stating that "reason alone is not necessary", they're saying "we don't know anything for sure, and we have NO WAY to find out anything for sure in the future", ignoramus et ignorabimus. How do you know, if the only thing you know is that you can't tell anything for sure?
    Postmodernism is a retarded and short-sighted concept disregarding 6000 years of human development. We should've sent every fucker like Baudrillard back to a cave with a stick and some crayon to paint on the walls, then we could talk about subjectivity.

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