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Uh... Since when does the United States care about the environment?
Yours are the oil companies who retard and buy up alternative fuel research and puts them on ice.
Yours are the companies destroying rainforests in South America.
You drive big cars, and you have many of them.
There are lots of Fossil Fuel power plants in the United States as well, and you are one of the biggest, if not the biggest energy consumer in the world.
About 50% of the United States power needs are met with coal power.

Energy consumption and GDP per capita

If you take greenhouse gas emissions per capita without land-use change, the United States ends up on 7th place in the world.
Russia is in at 18th place and China at *drumroll* 72nd!

List of countries by greenhouse gas emissions per capita - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you take land-use change into account, they all look better.
The United States goes down to 14th place in the world.
Russia is on 33rd place.
China is on 121st place.


I really like you, dude, but don't throw stones sitting in that glass house.
I know the United States is trying to make efforts, but they aren't any better than the Chinese or Russian efforts.
Just looking at the graph, countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia are horribly inefficient with all the energy they use and so little GDP to show for it. The general trend of the graph (and of the logic behind it) is that as energy consumption goes up, so does production/gdp. The U.S. has the highest energy usage, and a very balanced equivalent of GDP output that perfectly fits where it should be for its energy consumption if they are supposed to have a nearly 1:1 ratio by the scale of the graph. What the fuck is the problem exactly? Or is there no problem?