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    The only thing that can bring me peace is love. Love for another, their love for me, and my love for myself. Everything I do is ultimately for that. I'm not sure what it's like in its purest essence, though, or even anything approaching that potency. It probably wouldn't bring me peace at all. It would hurt, because I would be aware that it can't last forever, and even if it could, it would lose its glory in time.
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    Elements of peace:

    Total quiet. It's like the most precious thing on the earth, because you never ever hear it. My entire life has some machine hum, and sometimes I think I'll lose my mind from it. The air system at work and the refrigerator at home, at the very least. Peace is quiet.

    Or completely natural sounds, which almost seems like asking for the moon, but to be someplace where you can hear the earth breathe, the birds talk, the wind in the trees, no conversation, no machines anywhere, that's what I'd like.

    And freedom from immediate financial worry would be nice.

    But I'd settle for a week someplace away from civilization.

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    i really like the sound of just the ambient noise floor you hear when there is no other sound to hear and the mind listens attentively to it instead of having thoughts. Even when there are other noises, you can still hear it. It just sounds like faint high frequency static in the ears.

    it's really pleasing.
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