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It's interesting then that those who choose not to see meaning, won't find it. Psychology is funny that way, I guess, because once someone releases the power that expectations can have over themself, they are free to see the power that it holds over other people. In a way, it's a way of being that goes against notions of what psychology aims to illuminate because it denies the power of "influence". If we control our minds, psychology can know nothing about them, because we choose our influence and not the external and social world.

Psychology then kind of downplays our own significance in favor of external ones; this I do not think I can respect very much, as giving people answers that may turn out badly or wrong will not help such people with their problems of existence. But giving someone an understanding of the power their mind has over interpreting the world, gives them the potential freedom to make the best choices about it. And that, in my opinion, is the best anyone could hope for.
Or it's self delusion for the manipulation of others.