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And what I have seen is that people who let themselves blaze forth and be who they are, to their fullest capacity -- people who have consciously had to make that decision (rather than those who just do it out of unwarranted pride -- DO inspire others to drop the masks and stop limiting themselves. They pass passion along. They help others find meaning and joy in life.

I think freedom begets freedom. Authenticity begets authenticity. Openness begets openness. You want to inspire people? You want to build community? You need to drop the walls and be who you are. With no apologies and no excuses.
that's what i've experienced/witnessed, too. i've been blessed with a lot of examples of Impossible Human Accomplishments From Flawed Humans Like Me in my 21 years. People need to believe in themselves, find their passion (which often aligns with their talents) and give their all. Then amazing things happen.