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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    That's precisely the point. The religion needs to fit the culture, not the other way around. The culture shouldn't be force-fitted to the religion.

    The culture we now live in makes far more sense from the postmodern perspective than the Christian one. If I lived in medieval times or later Roman times, I would have been a Christian, because that world would have made more sense from a Christian perspective. If I lived in Greek times, I probably would have worshipped their gods.

    I choose the perspective that makes the most sense of what's going on.
    I hear you saying that your choice is purely rational.

    Where the rationality in restricting your choice to only that which is rational? What about all the other ways of negotiating ideas? Where is your rational explanation for devaluing them?
    *You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.
    *Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods.
    C.S. Lewis

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    ^good for you Athenian now lets hear out others
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    Agnostic LaVey Satanist, I don't necessarily believe or disbelieve in the existence of god or higher powers I just choose to think their not important. I am a realist, I require proof, simple as that. If god where to show himself and make it clear to me he deserved of my respect and worship I would then consider it. Till then all I know is the material world, in this world I am my god. My friends are those who have proven to me they are deserved of my respect and our enemies my wrath. My needs I take. My wants and pleasures I fully follow as long as they do not hinder or harm innocence and pursue them responsibly. This is all I require.

    I do not need god, there for unimportant and a waste of my time.

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    Philosophy shows us that many perspective about God, including his nonexistence, are rational. Belief or nonbelief is a subjective decision which is strongly influenced by our sum of knowledge and experiences plus our evaluation of them. The external debate about God's existence is irrelevant. It is the internal debate which is important. The question is not "Does God exist?", but rather, "Am I being honest and objective with myself in my perceptions and decisions regarding the existence of God?" We can then use MBTI theory to determine what aspects we're likely to have overlooked based on our type.

    Personally, I believe in a God who has been ridiculously portrayed by those who claim to know and represent him.

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    Upon many years of consideration, I have come to see that what most accept as obvious are of little relevance to spiritual truth. In fact, many of these things are exactly the opposite as they seem because the perversion of truth is so commonplace that we no longer believe it exists, instead there is only your truth, or my truth. We live in our tiny fenced-in way of thinking where things fall to the ground because we know what gravity is.

    I know God exists because He does. It sounds narrow minded but the truth is. I reached this conclusion by remaining stalwartly open-minded about human nature and existence and at a certain point I had to stop making excuses for myself and could simply no longer deny it. Despite thinking that my life would somehow suffer or become harder if I were to ever accept this, it has been the greenest grass on my side of the fence I never thought to taste.

    I know what you might be thinking! I can't convince you, but I see nothing to be proved.

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    I reject the existence of God for a few different reasons. First of all, the concept of God is metaphysical, which means it consists of word games based on what I consider muddled thinking. An example of this kind of thinking would be to speak of infinity (a concept central to "God") as an infinite quantity. When someone speaks of infinity, what they really mean is one thing: the fact that language is open-ended, which means you can string together any number of concepts within the linguistic framework.

    A person will hear the word and visualize themselves traveling across a vast expanse; they'll call this infinity. But it isn't; it's just a small thought in a small head. To speak of this image as an infinite quantity is to say something which, if taken in the literal sense, means nothing. The only way you can entertain the idea of an infinite quantity is to redefine those words in such a way that they make sense. When people do this, as they must do when they meet with incoherent words, they often imagine that since these words made grammatical sense, they also made literal sense. They didn't, though; they made sense only after you redefined them.

    Some people would argue that since you can never count to a final number, there must exist an infinite number of numbers somewhere outside your mind. But this is only more muddled thinking; the words "outside your mind" create nothing more than an image inside your head. Grammatically, this image exists outside your head; literally, it doesn't and never can.

    The other reason I lack belief is simply because the idea of God lacks personal appeal. That's generally the only reason I need to reject something.

    Also, this kind of thread is bound to lead to a debate. ^_^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Usehername View Post
    Religious experiences
    "The Brain" magazine had a recent piece about how they can invoke religious experience by stimulating certain regions of the brain that you might be interested in reading. It's nothing new though, I think several years ago Michael Shermer volunteered to use some electromagnetic helmet at a research facility in Canada that would cause the subject to feel a presence or experience some supernatural phenomena.

    In before jokes about peyote and LSD.

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    What difference would it make? What would it explain? How would it make anything better?

    I've never encountered any convincing answers to these questions.
    Let us not rail about justice as long as we have arms and the freedom to use them.
    - Duke Leto Atreides

    Because random people I meet on the internet are the best judges of my personality.

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    I believe..mmm, how to explain. I believe the universe is, for lack of a better word, conscious. Something I refer to as 'Nature'. In essence, that it is connected to each other, an organism, as we are ourselves. I believe we're the universe trying to make sense of itself. And I also believe, that I can be wrong, very much so. The point is..we don't know. There's no way of knowing.

    And that's alright. I believe that for the sake of personal growth, it does not matter whether or not what we believe is true. What matters is the strength that we gain from it, and the lessons we learn along the way, the inspiration it bestows upon us to do the right thing, to make something of ourselves, to give our lives meaning. To enjoy our short stay here, and grow as a person. That's what matters to me.

    To that end, you could call me a Pagan. To be more specific, you could call me a four-trad hedge witch. I work with the four traditions that I feel connected to. Celtic/Gallo-Roman, Germanic, Slavic and Indian. I look to a patron goddess from each of those traditions to guide me, to inspire me, perhaps as the archetype they represent, the rolemodel they provide, or who knows, the powerful goddesses they are. I look to Freyja (Germanic), Mati Syra Zemlya (Slavic), Epona (Celtic/Gallo-Roman) and recently, Kali-ma (Hindu). I believe in the natural world being alive, filled with spirits, who just like us, inhabit this world. Our mythology and folklore speaks of them regularly...brownies, leprecauns, fey.. They make this world feel alive to me, much as we humans do. They inspire me to learn as much as I can, but also take a moment to actually acknowledge and admire that world. The colours of the trees in the fall, the structure of a snowflake, the beautiful design that is a human body, the perfect mechanics that make it work... It never fails to mesmerize me, to cause such bewilderment in me and all I have to do is take a moment and just look around to find myself in awe.

    Yes, I believe.

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    Atheist. I used to be agnostic, but after a while I figured that something as improbable as the existence of (a) god(s) is just not worth holding the possibility open for. Adding to that is the fact that most truly religious people (I'm talking about the die hard core of every world religion here, so don't feel offended if you just happened to be a religious person, but please, do feel offended if you think you're religion is 'right', or in any way superior to other religions or ideas) are nuts. And I'm talking 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest' nuts. Completely brainwashed.
    And then there are Las Vegas and Amsterdam (read Soddom & Gommora). They are still standing, I'm noticing inconsistencies in 'God's' behaviour.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grayscale View Post
    I know God exists because He does. It sounds narrow minded but the truth is. I reached this conclusion by remaining stalwartly open-minded about human nature and existence and at a certain point I had to stop making excuses for myself and could simply no longer deny it. Despite thinking that my life would somehow suffer or become harder if I were to ever accept this, it has been the greenest grass on my side of the fence I never thought to taste.
    You had to make up 'excuses' to deny faith? If that's the case you never really believed that there could be no god, right?

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