I invite people to take part in some conceptualization…ygolo style. This will be vague, ill-formed, but, I believe, laden with possibility to be quite fruitful.

Some people will be uncomfortable with the ill-formed nature of this inquiry. To them, I say, you don't have to participate. I engage in these types of activities, and find them both enjoyable and important for me. You need not.

To those more comfortable, you can think of this as a philosophical puzzle.

Dreams, Needs, Goals, Responsibility, Creativity, Success

Somehow, I want to relate all these things into a central concept…a concept that gets to the essence of something important.

I have a hard time even posing the problem to myself. I suppose I am looking for something that makes sense, but is profound.

Characteristics of the problem…

Creative Potency
Ever have something in mind you wanted to create? Have you ever created it so close to how you had in mind that you actually believe you had done it? Has this ever happened to you when the thing you wanted to create was an aspect of your own life? Or are there always so many compromises and imperfections, that you just had to "satisfy yourself" that it was "good enough" and "move on?"

Somehow this ability to make in the real world what you imagine in your mind, the thing I call "creative potency," seems central to making and meeting "goals."

Doing the Needful
Often, there are things that simply "needs" to be done. They are necessary in some sense. But it is always hard to nail down what needs to be done. Because what really is there. Every thing that is necessary is necessary for something else. We can always question the necessity of that something else…then what becomes of these "needs?" Do we really even need to live?

Somehow, there is a fundamental problem with thinking of needs. But somehow meeting "needs" is central to life.

Then what happens to responsibility? Is that not, simply, doing what "needs" to be done?

Choice is also seems important, perhaps essential, to the whole thing. What makes a "good" choice vs. a "bad" choice? How do you chose what you consciously chose? Relating to the other parts of this yet-to-be-formed concept, how do we balance creative potency with doing the needful? Are these things really at odds, or can they be brought into alignment?

What "Works?"
Important to any concept that I will be using to frame my thinking going forward, it has to "work" in this arena(whatever the arena turns out to be). Perhaps a secondary question to be addressed is "How does it work?" --always important to make things work better.