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This is an interesting point.

It seems analogous to this situation:
Person A is born a genius at math and makes it to the top of some big industry. Person B is born average at Math, but through hard work and dedication makes it to the same place that person A does. Which is smarter?

Or this situation would probably apply better:
Person A wants to murder others, but through hard mental work and willpower becomes a leading peacemaker and humanitarian. Person B has never had the urge to murder, but is also a leading peacemaker and humanitarian.

Do person A's actions and will to be "good" make him better than person B, who is at the same level as person A but had to do much less work to accomplish it? Should person B be considered a lesser individual because he did less with what he had than person A did? Or should person A have been expected to change who he was, since who his previous thoughts were unfit for society?

Sorry, just a bunch of ramblings that your post provoked :P. No real point to that post haha.

Yes, this type of example is what I was thinking of.

When someone has to overcome their inner demons to do good, I think that person should be applauded for doing that good and not judged for what they had to overcome.