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    Quote Originally Posted by antireconciler View Post
    By all means, instead of rotting away or indulging yourself in the lazy luxuries of retirement, become a community leader. Help troubled kids and be like a grandfather. Be active and engaged. Wtf is a community without elders? You cannot have one.
    I like this. We need to have real communities to be able to support these people, though.
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    "I've never seen a child who didn't want to build something out of blocks, or learn something new, or try the next task. And the only reason why adults aren't like that is, I suppose, that they have been sent to school and other oppressive institutions which have driven that out of them."
    -- Noam Chomsky

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    Are you saying that people who decided never to take part in this Darwin's cycle, i.e. never reproduce, as always being disposable?

    I don't see many people retiring at 50 anymore, anyway. Most people can't, even if they're not healthy. Many people work well into their 60s.

    Perhaps this is not the way it's been taught to you, but it's always been taught to me that retirement is the 'reward' for your work. You have enough money saved to live relatively comfortably. You now don't have to worry so much about work, work, work, and instead can dedicate your life to more important things like being the matriarch/patriarch of the family, time with your grandchildren, and activities you enjoy and find rewarding. Therefore the cultural benefit of seniors is very personal to the family and not outwardly expressed in culture. Whether or not a senior wants to extend this benefit outwards into the community is really their choice, and most just choose not to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sLiPpY View Post
    Further, 33 percent of all Americans under the age of 35 are single and still living with their parents. Caucasians are now a minority in four US states. The world is a changing.
    Somehow not surprised by this... I only just moved out myself, and honestly, it's startling how difficult it is to do these days.

    For all that people claim of it being like ZOMG kids are lazy these days! It's hardly true, or at least no more true than it ever was before, but there's alot of extra complications these days... like around where I was living (not sure about the new place yet), there was about a 30% unemployment rate... there flat out isn't enough jobs there to support the population. 50 years ago yeu could literally walk into a store, with a haircut, and ask for a job, and be given one ON THE SPOT. At the same time, too, people tended to still do the 'family business' where if yeur father was a plumber, yeu tended to be a plumber too if yeu were a guy. Of course, if yeu were a woman, yeu either worked in A: a factory, B: a restaurant, or C: had no job. Things like secretaries and most other "traditional female jobs" didn't even exist at the time, or hadn't been broken into yet by such. A female CHEF wasn't even considered remotely viable until the last 20 years or so.

    Anyways I got a bit off topic there XD

    Soooo I digress!

    Back on topic, the point was that 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago, it was much easier to get out into the world in yeur 20's. These days, yeu pretty much *MUST* have post-secondary education... and the costs of such have been inflating insanely... even last year the average university cost increased by over 20% for most universities across canada compared to the year before... but yeu can't get anything but minimum wage with high school anymore. Yeu used to be able to get like $20-30/hour just by going with some trade like plumbing, if yeu knew someone who was a plumber, yeu were pretty much in. Doesn't work that way now... now yeu have to have a degree and training to even be allowed to start apprenticeship, and that means tens of thousands of dollars, at a time when yeu only have minimum wage.

    When yeu finally finish yeur study period, and go out into the world... yeu have that immense debt to pay off, and can't afford to both pay that off AND live on yeur own... so most 'kids' are stuck until 30-40 staying at home, because it's literally almost impossible to do otherwise in many cases.

    That's more to do with the way that society and education expectations have grown, rather than the children themselves.

    So yeah... after going through hell to get my own apartment out here, I think I see exactly why so many are still living with their parents until they're 35; it's highly impractical NOT to, and the only reason one would really want to do so, most of the time, is a silly sense of 'freedom' (read: free and dumb), or really, because the whole stigma attached to the "living in yeur parent's basement until yeu're 40 >=O " that's attached to things... despite that that's based off far older values, which no longer apply to today's situations.

    With the housing market crash and such, it's even harder for people to move out right now than it normally was before. There's been some headway there, but it definitely makes sense that alot of people haven't moved out by 35. They just can't afford to.

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