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    Default Smart Definition of Open-mindedness

    This video was posted by lane777 on the Stupid Definition of "Open mind" thread here.


    For those who haven't seen it yet, this video provides a good introduction to the definition of open-mindedness shared by those who have an appreciation for logic and meaningful dialogue. It may either bore or reassure those who are already familiar with concept, but it is not really that important for them to watch it. It is, however, in the best interests of the progress of societal rationality if those unfamiliar with the definition of open-mindedness would watch this video, and understand it. This may be difficult, as those who are disengaged from rationality are often so out of choice, sometimes convincing themselves that they cannot possibly be in the wrong and deflecting all opposition by ironically accusing them of being narrow-minded.

    This thread may serve as a means to further explain and elucidate fuzzy concepts in the video, both to help those who may benefit from watching as well as further discussions on the meaning of open-mindedness.

    If the response is little, I will personally take it to mean that people agree with the smart definition.

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    ok Kangol. It is a good presentation.
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