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    Default Why do seductive sound bites often win?

    Why do seductive sound bites often win?

    Framing is a means for placing a matter into a context for discussion and contemplation. “Frames are the mental structures that allow human beings to understand reality—and sometimes to create what we take to be reality”. Thinking Points—George Lakoff

    An example of framing is what happens when we speak about economics. The ‘market’ is often the frame used in economic matters. The word ‘market’ has been developed such that when we invoke the concept we are invoking a ‘force of nature’, not to be ‘tinkered with’ or ‘regulated’. When facing a force of nature one can only show ‘due diligence’, ‘flexibility’, one can only ‘ride-out’ the ups and downs.

    The market is in fact a human institution with rules developed by humans; but our culture has framed the market as a force of nature not to be messed with, a common ideological practice. This fact never becomes an issue because the frame does not include it.

    A similar thing happens with education. Education is framed in economic terms and market forces. Our schools and colleges produce graduates prepared for the job market. Teachers become educational resources.

    Our schools compete with one another based upon productivity and the degree upon which they produce the graduates with the best job offers. Technology is engaged to facilitate mass production. When schools compete, everyone wins. Expenses are cut and teachers paid the minimum allowed by supply and demand. Vouchers will fit within the competitive frame because parents are given a choice of product.

    “War on Terrorism” is a good example of faming. Both ‘war’ and ‘terrorism’ carry a great deal of useful baggage for those who create the frame.

    Any kind of action becomes justified by war; terrorism creates terror that permits easy manipulation of the population by government. Colin Powell suggested ‘crime’ as the proper frame and one can easily see the difference between fighting crime or fighting war; also a great deal of difference between fighting criminals versus fighting terrorists. I suspect no one would have considered torture as a proper tool for fighting crime.

    Issues are framed within an ideology thereby providing the insider with a foundation that requires no critical examination. Issues are framed for outsiders to influence their thoughts thereby circumventing critical thought. Issues are reframed to counter the frames of others. Frames require long time investment to set up the associations derived by the frames. Frames are containers in which to control the thought processes of the people. Frames are an integral part of our thinking. Frames are the cruise control of our brains.

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    Frames neutral in themselves. They assist in the "process" of how we and our target audience can perceive and communicate our ideas. The fact they are potentially so powerful results in them being used unethically, propaganda, or promoting an agenda beyond simple communicating the truth. I feel ethically compelled to keep my use of frames as tools to speak and understand the truth.

    "Sound bites" can be used to reframe complicated issues to simple generalizations (regardless of the substantial truth or falsity) For example that is how George Bush Jr. fooled much of the USA during much his terms as well as intimidating the media. For example terrorism is a tactic it is not a place or people therefore strictly linguistically speaking the "War on Terror" is an extremely wide frame to the point where it is essentially a fallacy which nevertheless is effective on justifying breaching constitutional limitations of separation of powers (which is essentially a frame to albeit one with greater credibility)

    Knowing the audiences MB type is helpful. Particularly helpful is knowing if their type is predominantly F or a Ts.

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