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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuulie View Post
    While I've read many of your posts in other forums and have come to quite respect you, I think to imply that everyone who defends the practice of torture is narcissistic may be going a bit far.
    I just come from a movie, "Inglorious Bastards", starring Brad Pitt.

    It is a melodrama with beautiful productions values. But it appeals to our sadism.

    I found it a truly disgusting movie but it appealed to the audience and made sadism cool.

    Of course sadism is not the same as torture. And usually torturers aren't sadists.

    I think public sadism is a kind of response to torture. In a sexualized culture, sexualizing physical and emotion abuse somehow makes torture more manageable and acceptable.

    Gosh, we are told here, I do a little S&M with my spouse and it doesn't do us any harm.

    So public sadism like, "Inglorious Bastards", somehow emotionally domesticates torture. It makes it suburban.

    If we can torture one another in fun, in complete trust of course, it makes torture almost acceptable.

    We are like children playing bang bang shoot 'em up games when real people are being killed.

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    I haven't seen Inglorious Basterds yet, but I'm familiar with QT's penchant for violence. I don't think this kind of film, or violent video games, soften us to violence/torture.
    Given the trend of increased graphic violence in entertainment, along with the increased popularity of rejecting torture, I don't think there is a link. Most people here seem to be utterly appalled by the subject, and there was a huge public outrage when pics of Abu Ghraib surfaced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by millerm277 View Post
    I understand that and didn't think so, but I have heard this logic actually used to try to defend the US torturing of captives, so it just provided a way for me to go into my opinion on the US use of torture and why it's a bad idea.

    I definitely am sympathetic to your point.

    I wonder though what are the opinions on torture if one it was done in complete secrecy so as not to provide bad p.r. and two it did gain information that was vital in preventing terrorist attacks. Personally my gut tells me the torture of a few who are hell bent on harming others is ok to save the lives of hundreds or thousands of innocent people. I admit I have not given this serious thought and am basically shooting from the hip but I would be interested in hearing other opinions on this.

    Disclaimer- I am not in any way saying this is the case with the U.S. situation but am looking to see if this type of situation is more palatable to those fervently against torture in any situation.

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    is ok if your troops are doing surgical strikes from earth's orbit.
    Is not ok if they're fighting gorilla warriors in the jungle/desert/planet of the Scary Green Things and you're actually counting on public support in a free press democracy.
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