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    What is a fact?

    As kids we are taught to cherish them, but as I grow older they become less important and less real with each passing day. We are taught that facts are real and true and good. I find them almost always to be fairy tales, lies, and oversimplifications. They are thought to exist so that some can have some notion of order, I suppose.
    "If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see. Let them see."

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    I've been reading "Amusing yourself to death" by Neil Postman, and he adresses this issue somewhat. The problem with television is that people don't necessarily put thought into what they say. Public speakers are people who are seen just as much as they are heard, and so the public becomes a little bit discriminating. When was the last time you saw a fat, bald, ugly politician or news reporter?

    TV is full of junk, but that's what it's good for, it entertains. Written word is closer to the truth than spoken. It's there forever, for everyone to read, and people tend to think more about what they write. It is also more likely subject to peer review.

    So, simple as that, if you want your knowledge to be as close to reality as possible, you can read. Read as much as you wish, but the closest truth out there is that which you see with your own eyes... even that can be wrong.
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    Facts don't mean shit unless they can be put to productive use.

    (1) The sky is blue.
    (2) Grass is green.
    (3) 1,000 grams = 1 kilogram

    Who cares?

    To me, what is important in life is deciding on a goal, formulating a plan to accomplish attaining the goal using what you have at hand to work with, and applying knowledge (facts + experience) and effort to achieve the desired objective.

    Doing so results in success. A person can know all the facts in the world and never amount to shit.
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    I can see that the bag of flour weigh 1 kilogram. But you can't. Can I be trusted? Do I have reasons to trick you?

    I belive facts and authority go togheter. As authorities lose their hold on us, their facts are less trusthed. And with the growth of democracy, free press and more availible information, we see that everybody has their own agenda. We can't trust others to be truthful or to hold themselves to the same definitions as us.

    And as told before in this thread, facts are nothing without context, without the will and motivation to do something with them. Without the thread that sews them togheter, facts are in fact not interesting/unrelevant. Blue sky is blue.

    Ofcourse, these patterns might create a growth in relativism, which in turn can lead people to belvie nothing is true, and that all is an illusion. That nothing exist. But just because something is hard to understand, or just because we dont know all factors involved, does not mean that something does not exist.

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    Facts are worth exactly $2.99.

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