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Thread: Meditation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenna View Post
    Supposedly it means "I bow down to the universal laws of cause and effect."
    I really love this quote. I might just use it the next time I meditate/chop it up and use it for my poetry

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    ^ It just rolls in my brain effortlessly, so it works really well with letting go. As my mind ebbs and flows I find that saying always in the background, it fits with me.

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    I can't meditate. Every instruction has always started with "clear yeur mind" well I guess we're screwed from the start then aren't we >.>

    Unfortunately my mind doesn't do "clearing". It does ridiculous multitasking quite well though, at any time I can be thinking of something, considering the implications of having that though, and having a 2-3 way conversation with myself in my head over the point of the thought. Not to mention unrelated thoughts which have no baring at all on the matter as I'm considering completely different avenues of thought. My mind wanders, mostly due to any number of several lines of reasoning may be going on at one time, there's many split ends available to each one, and the act of accepting a different direction on any one of these tends to bring it to the forefront of conciousness, this means that I've completely changed topics to something I was thinking about without changing that I'm still thinking about the other thing TOO.

    So... yeah... "Clear yeur mind" mantras don't work in large part due to this... mostly it ends up with one layer of thought doing whotever the mantra is (we'll use ooooohm, the supposed sound of the universe for example here), this going ooooooohm... while at the same time I'll have another layer of thought going "don't think of anything but ohm, don't think of anything but ohm, don't think of anything but ohm" in a similar style, yet at the same time there'll be a third layer going "Gah yeu just thought of it!" and another going "zomg I thought of thinking of it too crap now I have to start over!".

    While still maintaining the ohm...

    Yeah my poor mind is pretty badly fractured at this point XD

    Short point being, I can't stop thinking, I never have been able to, and probably never will. As such, the idea of meditation is completely beyond my capacity to do so.

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