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    James Taylor said "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time," and that's my purpose. Living as a pastime.

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    My purpose in life is to figure out how to make people happy, people tend to stay around when you can figure out how to make them happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcea rosea View Post
    Why should there be another meaning/purpose in one's life than just living?
    For the simple reason that life has an end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcea rosea View Post
    But it's not artificial. Life is boring and purpose is interesting. Or maybe one should use their time making life interesting and thus the purpose unnecessary?
    This is mostly what I meant, except "interesting" isn't enough. I think fulfilled or Maslow's concepts of achieving self-actualization and self-transcendence is what is needed. Once this is achieved, purpose is an outcome rather than a goal itself, just as you describe it here:

    Quote Originally Posted by alcea rosea View Post
    But the purpose can be more than a goal or it even might not include a goal. A purpose can be that I work so that it benefits as many people as possible. There is no visible goal in this purpose, so I get the flow and the fullfillment everyday when I help anybody? (just an example)
    When approached this way with living a fulfilled life as the simple goal, nothing done in life is wasted or pointless. It seems selfish, but a person must be strong inside before they can help others without burning out.

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