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    As an observation, I've seen the same "Bright light" while passing out due to medication issues causing it (Allegra, naturally low blood pressure, and high levels of physical me, result in light headedness and passing out if I don't sit/lie down) and I do recall feeling a bit peaceful...but really, I couldn't think.

    Seeing as I wasn't exactly "near-death" in my opinion, I would strongly believe that it is a natural result of oxygen deprivation to the brain or something along those lines (in my case caused by lack of blood flow, remedied by falling down, bringing my head closer to the level of my heart), and that the "feeling peaceful" is pretty much the result of being unable to think normally, as most people would consider the absence of much in thought "feeling peaceful", which is exactly what happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erm View Post
    It would be. Problem is, everyone would have to be tripping the same way, with similar experiences.
    Although not proven, DMT could be an explanation here in.
    We've got all the right precursors for it, and it wouldn't be a long stretch in that it seemingly turns up in nature consistently.

    That's kind of like a sensorum of over stimulation with regards to psychological(or what have you) experience, where as oxygen deprivation would be as like dissociation of that aspect,... kind of two paths to the same ends...
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    Saw a special on this yesterday on National Geographic. They were basically saying a large part of NDEs are when there is immense pressure on the brain. The result is the activities very close to the brain stem get accentuated, and this part deals with very bright light, so that's why we get the images of bright light during NDEs. It also said that the most ingrained things in our brain are our personal experiences - that's why our 'life flashes before our eyes' during NDEs.

    However, the show did not have any possible explanation of the soul rising over the body (and viewing their own body) during an operation room for example.

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