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    Quote Originally Posted by stellar renegade View Post
    Oh, geez. Ok, here's the deal.

    There were plenty of women who had ministries. Back in the day gatherings always consisted of men, so even having women there was revolutionary. They weren't used to these meetings, though, and the kinds of talk that went on in them, so if someone was saying something in front of the group they would often ask their husbands about it. Paul just told them to save the questions for home since they were disrupting the meetings and throwing them into disarray. The Corinthian church was crazy like that.

    A note on the wording - it's not that women were being told they had to be beaten down but that they would often go out of control and sometimes try to take control when they got the chance. I think it's both the fact that when you're constantly pushed back you fight for your freedom. It's not that Christianity was subjugating women but that society was. The Christian movement was trying to liberate them but in a civil way. The very fact that they were able to create an uproar shows the liberty they were starting to get.

    Which leads to the reference in 1 Timothy 2. The women were becoming so free that they were clinging to a new Gnostic teaching that the serpent in the garden was serving the true God and that women were right for eating the fruit and in doing so brought something good into the world. It doesn't make any sense but these uneducated women were lapping it up and creating alot of disturbance in the church, so Paul was saying at this time the women should be silent.

    Paul was a very practical man. Most of his direction was temporary advice or a general guideline. He left decisions up to the churches and only asserted authority as a more experienced Christian brother.

    To take his advice as a universal, absolute "command" and a complete worldview is to do injustice to him. With as many women ministers as Paul commended, the view that he thought women should just be silent and inactive is ridiculously misleading.
    Well done!

    I couldn't get my thoughts together yesterday, and I see I didn't have to. lol Very well expressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    Nevertheless, it's important for women to submit to the authority of men.
    Wow. Why should anyone (adults, I'm talking), by simply being who they are, "submit" to anyone else as a matter of course? I find the statement itself pretty shocking, tell you the truth (although, kudos to you for admitting it, I guess). If your answer only involves quotes from scripture, don't go to a lot of effort to answer - I'm not looking for that sort of an explanation. Not trying to pick on you, but what if someone were to tell you that it was "important for you to submit" to women because they're the ones who give birth? What if someone were to back it up with 2000 (or less) year old scripture? Would your opinion change?

    Quote Originally Posted by lowtech redneck View Post
    I'm confused, didn't Carter already leave the SBC for a more liberal Baptist association several years ago, and hasn't this particular doctrine already been endorsed by the SBC for several years? I thought this was old news?
    I'd thought pretty much the same thing. I've a lot of respect for Jimmy Carter - he's a man of strong faith (which I, admittedly, am not), but he's also willing to reevaluate beliefs associated with his faith. Then, there's the great things he's done (the Nobel peace prize, etc.) after he left office. A good guy.

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