When examining portions of the Bible I like to look to see how the passage or message fits with the overall chapter, book and entire word of God. When I think about the gifts listed in I Cor, I tend match it with the parable of the talents in Matt. The gifts may have supernatural qualities but they shouldn't be mistaken for magic. Like Michael Jordan had gifts, Tiger Woods has gifts, but they also spent thousands of hours developing them.

Prophesizing is teaching or at least one definition. A counselor could be called a miracle worker. When Paul is writing the church at Corinth and mentioning these gifts, he also warns on how these gifts should not be disruptive to the church nor should people rank them in order of importance. There are different theories of what speaking in tongues is. Speaking in tongues could simply be being bilingual. There was a workshop on addiction and abuse at my church today and some people were talking about not feeling comfortable in their own skin or family secrets or being the enabler and having to fix things, while I've learned some things over the years, there were plenty of things I "didn't get." However, there were other members who did. There were others who "knew" what addicts were talking about. Perhaps not what Paul was referring to but a modern application to this would be "hearers of tongues." Someone who can interpret what another is saying that might be foreign to the body as a whole.

I think it's easy to discount spiritual gifts if they don't appear to be grand or defy science or if they're traits that can be found in "ordinary people" in everyday life but I wholeheartedly believe God can work through anybody. The lady today who organized the event, brought the speakers in, gave the culminating address I can remember from about 12 years ago when she'd barely say 3 words and those were generally inaudible. At the time I had no idea she'd been taken from her alcoholic parents and placed in an orphanage or of her speech impediment or that she was in an abusive marriage which ultimately lasted 15 years. While no one's gonna mistake her for Paula White, (not today, who knows in a few years), she, who I believe had to go back to school just to get her certificates, was there in front of lawyers, people I knew who had master degrees, teaching and inspiring others to do good works and receive those in need.

It wasn't pyrotechnics. It wasn't an episode of the Twilight Zone. Without question in my mind though there were gifts of the Spirit at work in her.