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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJ123 View Post
    Here's a message from Peter Gariov the father of wave genetics. I've read of his work before and found it very interesting.

    YouTube - The DNA Phantom Effect

    What are your thoughts?
    A good question.

    Number one is not where, though.
    Number two is where.

    It is the idea of number two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Sure, and if you don't understand mathematics, you don't understand statistics. And if you don't understand statistics, you don't understand Quantum Mechanics.

    And unfortunately for you, Quantum Mechanics is our most accurate representation of reality.

    But if you don't understand mathematics, you can always turn to MBTI.

    And sure, MBTI doesn't represent reality, but it does give us a barcode for our personality.

    And a barcode is essential to accurately trade ourselves on the personality market.

    And the most important lesson in life you will learn it how to sell yourself - everything else depends upon it.

    So forget mathematics and learn MBTi, for your income and your status, and even your pleasingness to God, depend on it.
    I am well aware of quantum mechanics and some of its claims. I have even gone through some books about it.
    This is the main reason way I have posted the post "now we can go into details". But I simply needed to point that you first have to go through mathematics and chemistry/physics to get to the quantum mechanics. Because if you are jump over those two your can't correctly grasp quantum mechanics.
    Which is because quantum mechanics has alot of math in it which people tend to ignore because this math is killing the beauty of idea to them.

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