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    Quote Originally Posted by Son of the Damned View Post
    "if you find a Religion to be false, do you inform its followers?" is one with a simple answer. No, you don't. Or more specifically, if they aren't hurting anyone, why bother?
    For some, Faith is a shield from the chaos and suffering that is so common in this world. It gives them hope, meaning, and a sense of community. Who am I to take that away?
    If the religion is violent and practises holy war, it is a matter of self defence to take it away.

    And if the religion is totalitarian, it is the duty of liberal democracy to oppose it.

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    I just read this whole thread again after RaptorWizard dug it up.

    Reading it all in one go makes me realize it's a totally moot proposition. The OP presumes that believers have never heard that there are people called "atheists" who don't believe in God and point to scientific evidence to support their claim. Do we think so little of religious people that we presume they live in a bubble where the tenets of atheism have never crossed their mind?

    Don't confuse rejection of your position for failure to grasp it - that's the realm of hubris.
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