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    Default Unitarian Universalism

    Short and sweet: anyone here a UU? Are you also an ENTJ?
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    I bet a lot of NFs, especially NFPs, would love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    I bet a lot of NFs, especially NFPs, would love it.
    I kind of thought so, too. And if it helps, I also identify with ENTJ pretty well

    I've determined that UU is the best label for my spiritual beliefs. I fully believe that we are all free to choose our own spiritual path and draw influence and guidance from many different sources. That's the most "specific" I can get when searching for an absolute truth that applies to everyone.

    On a more personal level, I've been influenced by many eastern religions on top of being raised in a Christian environment. I'm affiliated with three different Christian churches, and my beliefs aren't exactly in line with most others in those groups. I don't truly believe in Christ as the one son of God, and my perception of "God" is closer to that provided by Spinozism. I treat the Bible and other texts as collections of loose allegories and distilled wisdom. But I wouldn't be affiliated with these groups if I didn't get something out of them nonetheless.

    I hold a lot of "Christian-like" beliefs, such as waiting to truly get to know someone before sex in a relationship (though not necessarily marriage) and following the example of the kind and caring Jesus, because I've seen personal truth in it. I don't take on any belief without questioning its value first.

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    I have a problem with the UU church. It's not against anyone, it's just my own personal problem:

    I have attended a UU church a few times, and I never connect spiritually. I feel like it's all food for your head, it's not the loving spiritual comfort that I am looking for. I feel like the UU church feeds the mind with knowledge, and not the soul.

    I have been to the Unity Church, different from the Unitarian Universalist Church, and I love it there. They believe and use a lot of different religious ideas, which I like. The use a lot of metaphysical concepts, and focus around meditation and having an intimate relationship with God, it feeds my soul, and I feel most spiritually high when I am attended services.

    But nothing against any UU-goers. It's just my little problem, and other people shouldn't care. I have a lot of cool friends who go to the UU church, but most are NT. I can't think of any NFs. NFs, especially at young ages, usually attend normal Christian masses, and expand when they're away from their parents.

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