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    Default A Flash of Lighnting

    in the dark of night

    These are going to be mostly exerps from the Dalai Lama's book "A Flash of Lightning in the Dark of Night"

    May some find food for thought and or inspiration!

    Abandon evildoing;
    Practice virtue well;
    Subdue your mind:
    This is the Buddha's teaching.
    Like a star, an optical illusion, or a flame,
    A magical illusion, a dewdrop, or a bubble,
    Like a dream, a flash of lightning, or a cloudó
    So should one consider all compounded things.

    By this merit may we attain omniscience
    And overcome our enemy, our harmful deeds,
    And may beings, buffeted by the waves of birth, old age,
    sickness, and death,
    Be liberated from the ocean of suffering existence.

    Do not rely on individuals, rely on the teachings.
    Do not rely on the words, rely on the meaning.
    Do not rely on the adapted meaning, rely on the ultimate
    Do not rely on intellectual knowledge, rely on innate wisdom.

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    I'm a Buddha fanboy.

    You should be able to bridge my posts here often directly to Buddha's teachings, just not worded in such a fancy manner. :P

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    Yeah... I think Buddhism rocks!

    The book is mostly the Dalai Lama's reflections and comments on verses by Shantideva who was an 8th century Buddhist scholar/philosopher and writer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shantideva
    The nature of mind is clear and luminous,
    But obscurations are adventitious.
    Stains are adventitious,
    Qualities are inherent.

    May precious bodhichitta take its birth
    In those in whom it has not taken birth.
    And where it has been born, let it not cease
    But swell and increase ever more and more.

    Difficult indeed to find this state of ease and
    Whereby the true significance of being human
    May be reaped! If I neglect to turn it to my profit,
    How could such a chance be mine again?
    "Bodhichitta" is a mind bent on reaching enlightenment for all of our sakes combined.

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