I have had a few large dreams in life.

For a long time, I felt like I needed to give them up or that they were "over."

Then I realized that they are always there. You just have to decide what you are willing to spend your lifeblood on -- and then, as developer says, try and fail, then try again and fail better. It's about courage and tenacity.

It almost doesn't matter whether you reach your dream or not. Would you rather die and wonder whether you were truly worthy of your dream, wonder what might have happened if you didn't bother?

Would you want to realize that your dream -- the thing you danced around in your head with for a lifetime -- actually was not that important because you weren't willing to sacrifice for it? So you were wasting your time on mere fantasy and not enjoying what you DID have?

Chase your dreams. Find out what you're living for, so you can live more fully.