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    In general, Abortion should be a decision. I'll add that if I were in the situation of bearing a child, and didn't want it, I'd give it up for adoption. There's probably a happy couple out there somewhere looking for a child. Why kill it when you can give it to a better family? I mean, seriously, it's pretty selfish.

    But I'm open to both sides, I guess..I can see why people resort to getting abortions..I just think it's more humane to give it a better life in another family..I'm sensitive like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by professor goodstain View Post
    If you do exist, did you exist at the point of the sperm touching the egg or somewhere thereafter? 99and44ths of one hundred% of the time the "thereafter" only happens once the sperm touches the egg.
    It depends what you consider existence. Do you think existence is when the genetics that make up a child first come into being or do you think existence is when those genetics are merged into a unique individual. Most would think the latter I suspect.

    I'm going to go ahead and guess that you're attempting to link "me" to "existing at fertilization" so that destroying the egg at that point would have killed "me".

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