I have waited for sometime to get as much answers as possible before I start replying.
What I find interesting is that from some replays it looks that this is a people think that I am trying to disprove God in this thread.
That is not the truth. What I am actually trying to disprove is that we need him so much and his rewards as people say we do.

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That's because you're an INTJ.
It could sound funny but this could easily be the most correct sentence in this thread.

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lol... yup, there are a lot of assumptions in that first post.

For example:

Who ever said that God was "good"?
Perhaps he's like IT out of Harlan Ellison's "I have no mouth and I must scream," and he creates people because he loves to torture them.

We can't make assumptions about the nature of God and then use those assumptions to prove or disprove God; we can simply create theories about who we think God is or isn't, and then use experience/logic/whatever else to test the theories.


Who says heaven and hell include the writing of books?
Who says we'll be the "same" there, subject to the same laws of boredom, as we are here?
Who says there actually exist those boundaries in heaven or hell that you claim here would exist?

Too many assumptions.
Is this really so big asumption?

You are right God does not have to be a good "person" but if he is not worshiping looses its point.
Witting books was just an analogy the thing is that human brain is not designed to handle eternal life. But if you give someone inhuman mind then this is no longer that person . The main problem with this is that if this is true then this life is be pretty pointless since it values mean nothing one the long run.

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I think there is a point. That point to me is that something must have made everything... I don't think it just appeared out of no where.
I am sorry but you have attacked your own position with your argument.
If something made everything then why God can't be in category everything?

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I think that God plays part is so many lives around the world that it would be utter insanity to call it pointless, whether you argue the truth in it, or not.

The problem I have is that people use a little bit of logic to outprove something so vast that nearly every culture shows some sign of its existence, even from prehistoric times. If you want to be specific, argue the concept of the beginning of the universe. What served as an energy source? I find it kind of paradoxical that people nail churches as being false towards God's existence, and than go and automaticly disprove the theory compoletely..it seems just as uneducated.

The thing is that this is not about if majority of people think it is pointless of not. It is about entire thing making sense on the long run.

Of course that it shows around the world. Since people can't explain their existence especially if we are talking before 20.century. Just because something is good for people that doesnt mean that it exists. Is religion actually good for people, is also quite debatable.

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It's kind of hard to have a dialog when people start with assumptions that aren't the same.

Again, one can hold a belief in God.

One can't say with certainty that "God loves us so much that he wants the best for us." That's an assumption, at core, just like you might take an algebraic equation and say, "Assume that x=3."

That's what a lot of this is.
One person says x=3.
Another says x=7.
Another might say that z = x-y.

It's nice to speculate those different things and see what patterns we can find if we start with particular assumptions.

But in the end it's all based on the assumptions.
There are no answers, only choices.
This looks very nice and pleasant as a philosophy but what evidence you have that there are choices?

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I think you are looking at it the wrong way. There is not a single, 'correct', objective answer to this.

What do you mean when you say "pointless"? What IS the point? To be logical?
I am not saying that there is a single correct answer.
But to tell you the truth I doubt that there is such a thing as answer.

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Pointless? I don't think so. Anything could be considered "pointless" to one person and vital to someone else. I don't want to break into religious babble but, for me, life without Jesus is pointless. Faith is something that isn't based on logic. But I then I guess "logic" could just be a buzz word. Like I think was mentioned in another thread; we don't "know" anything. Science could be fake. [I]Everything[I] could be fake and somehow beyond our reasoning. Existence is the ultimate mystery. Okay sorry for the babble. Short answer to your question:

No. I do not think it is pointless to believe in God.

This is quite interesting reply. What is interesting is that word/term pointless has so negative meaning. Why would pointless be something so bad?

You mention Jesus but what is the meaning of his existence? What will be when he do everything he has to do by prophecy? After that he has no real purpose.