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    Quote Originally Posted by dee View Post
    COOL This is extremely interesting. Thanks for all the feedback, keep it comin...

    Every day I think I might die, but I don't do any of that stuff, which is kinda sad, although I think if I got a real verdict I would do it.

    I guess we live our life thinking that we'll have time to do all the things we really want to do, so therefore we push it off.

    Then I guess the worst thing that could happen, is just dieing suddenly, cause then we never get the chance to really do all that we ever dreamed of. It's just over in a split second.

    Maybe thats why I am starting to think maybe I should just do what I really want to do NOW before who knows...

    I know this is kinda digressing, so maybe you could add this to your list.
    i.e Your thoughts on the subject...
    the idea that we have "time" is the problem. It is too easy to get into thinking "later" and "tomorrow".

    Re dying suddenly or with warning:

    Sudden is not that bad! I've seen too many folks die of degenerative conditions and cancer. By the time you've got 6 months left you may not have much energy and health left to actually do the things you want. Dying that way is frankly somewhat boring. (How do I know? My hubby died, and that was his biggest complaint enroute - you know what is coming but when exactly?? - and he couldn't live independently either - so it was frustrating and boring. He made the most of each day though!)

    In the last 6 years I've done a lot of the things I'd always wanted to do - visit Namibia/Zambesi, Galapagos, revisit London and do some more mundane things (like study art/ceramics for 2 years).

    I've made sure I have just enough $ to do what I want by focusing on what big things I want to do and not letting finances "leak" by lots of silly day to day expenses. My hubby (who had a big fear of being old and broke!) worked out that money can be replaced but time can't too late in his life. So the more you earn per hour, the less time you have to spend working in life! The less $ you need to live means the same - you can take GAP years, or work part time or seasonally. I can't believe how seriously I used to take my career and money!

    so, what is on my list at the moment?

    spend more time with my friends than I have of late...
    See Japan
    See more of Australia (Western side)
    Revisit Myanmar one day (only after despots are out -maybe help rebuild it after despots are out??)
    See more NZ

    already done the boring stuff like make a will and have material affairs tidy. don't need more stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by creativeRhino View Post
    See more of Australia (Western side)
    Are you mad? There's nothing over here!

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    Why is everyone assuming that this reason for death is a disease that some shmuck doctor diagnosed? What if you simply found out that a giant meteor was going to squish you? Or any number of non-escapable deaths that just SOMEHOW you happen to know is going to happen after 6 months.

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