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    Quote Originally Posted by nozflubber View Post
    INFP Sloth, Love/Charity - I actually almost made Justice the principle of virtue for the INFP but I hold this to be an incorrect attribution : the INFP's love for living things is so strong it just naturally seems like they are concerned with what is "most fair", but they do not demonstrate proper balancing: many will be found saving whales and dolphins while children in the world starve, therefor their principle virtue is Love. The INFP's sin is sloth because they assault themselves more than any other type, leaving them often in the depths of despair and self-pity.
    I think this is pretty much accurate. I think there could be a better descriptor than "love/charity" for the good part of the INFP though. I think the Enneagram type 4 virtue may be a better pick here, but I can't recall offhand what the exact word is atm.
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    Alright, so I've sat on this for a week and gave it another glance, then made some minor changes to some descriptions. I tried to round out the ENFJ description to align more with what was mentioned and made their chief sin pride. Feedback on the new ENFJ description is appreciated!

    I also decided the INTPs sin will stay sloth.... I had originally based it on the INTPs unwillingness to act once adequate knowledge has been achieved, but there's an even worse component of sloth to the INTP i didn't mention: MAny INTPs know very well that they have a great propensity to acquire skill/knowledge in languages, math, science, anything with structure and do not engage them AT ALL. Completely neglecting the gifts and abilities given to you is THE definition of Sloth, so that's gonna stay.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ishida View Post
    Did you put some things there because of letter similarities?
    I noticed that too but no... I tried to think of the "essence" of each type and write accordingly. Inevitably there will be some overlap between very similar types as there are only 7 sins/virtues to spread among the 16 types.

    Quote Originally Posted by am_i_evil666 View Post
    ha ha, you sound a bit harsh. i can't say that i know too many ESFPs, but i'm sure that if you'll get to know one of them really well, you'll change your mind. i doubt that "this type has no moral capacity for good deeds".....
    Yeah I'll admit I'm a bit jaded by many ESFPS, not because they are unpleasant (quite the contrary) but because I've been betrayed in almost every way possible by them in the past :P A sin would be easy to select but I can't think of the ESFPs best vritue, need help there! (I was thinking maybe Hope for t....

    EDIT: actually gave myself an idea! see if the ESFP one makes sense to y'all
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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    This is a great thread. Good work.
    yeah, totally enjoyable

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