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    Yes, I would. I have a common ENTJ trait... -_- Superman complex. I don't like it, but I do stuff like that without thinking. Usually it's intervention when people are fighting or when some poor bastard gets bullied. I think it's stupid, but no-one deserves to die or suffer at the hands of several people, or someone a lot stronger. Well, almost. Certainly the drunk guy doesn't deserve to die, and the dorky kid doesn't deserve a beating even though he's really annoying.

    A response like that would only make me respect the person more.
    Well, I guess there is a significant difference between doing something while actually risking your life for someone else's sake. If it's a "safe" lifesaving job, then I guess the exchange is fair. Nurses get too little cred, tho.

    Police officers, soldiers and firefighters should have better pay, though... No doubt about it.

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    how, if at all, do you see them differently?
    I would not see them differently. They are essentially the same person. Though, I don't despise or hate anyone.

    how obligated do you feel to thank them?

    how would you?
    I would get them a gift.

    and, for how long would you do so?
    Just a one time deal. Afterward, I'd do my best to never have contact with them again.

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    I am a pretty active dispiser. Meaning that if I dispise you it is because I cannot ignore you and you are without any doubt left in my mind a horrible horrible person.

    That said if the said person was to then save my life. It wouldn't change things much except that they would have earned my respect. Which I would give to them, by leaving them alone.

    Like i said I am an active despiser.

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    .. I also feel I could not hate this person any longer.

    Since I hate no one that much, the person I DO dislike the most.. I would still put personal petty problems aside in the face of life or death. Someone doing this for me would be appreciated, if not expected to be mature enough to not carry the flighty feathers of conflict into the weights of life itself.

    Should someone I absolutely ever despise (Like if someone took the life of a member of my family, sought out to vandalize and purposefully attempt to ruin my quality of life, etc.) saves my life.. I would assume us equal on all bounds and simply give them the benefit of ignoring them. I would thank them, and let them know that it's admirable to realize morality even in the face of conflict, and be on my way.. and they would know I would do the same for them.
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    That feeling of despising is reserved in my life for things like flies and doggy dung. But should someone whom I don't care for did that for me they would rise considerably in my estimation.
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    I don’t actually despise anyone. I have a few people that I really, really don’t like and only because the way they treated myself and others was completely inexcusable. Usually after a while most people move from ‘intense dislike’ to ‘mostly apathetic towards them but they better not try to pull some stupid stunt or they’re back where they started’. I’m not sure how I would react in such an extreme case although I’ve had people change my opinion of them to more positive ones before and it generally started out with a sort of grudging respect which then developed in a tolerance of them and then into an outright appreciation and respect.

    I’m not sure I would be completely gracious in my initial attempts at thanking them. It would be very ‘awkward silence’.

    It would also depend on why I hated them so much in the first place, and if they continued the behaviour after saving me. I imagine that while I would still really not like them, I wouldn’t hate them as much as I did, and there would be some sort of respect there for them.

    Why and how they saved me would also factor into it. Did they do it because they thought they could get something out of it? To guilt me into doing what they want? Did they put their life in danger to save me? How much danger did they put themselves in? How do they act afterwards?

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    If I was ever in that situation, well.. first of all, I wouldn't despise the person anymore and yea, I would definitely be nicer and support that person in every way I could. Without him or her, I would be dead.
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    i dont despise anyone but in theory i would have to thank them and i would owe them my life, would that change my viewpoint of them as a person, not necessarily... even the biggest D Bags dont wanna see someone die in front of them.
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