I agree with what Jennifer said in her first (?) post, as well as with Substitute in the post above.

I am a Christian. However, I do not like how people market "Christian stuff." Faith should be something that one believes and understands. The Christian faith focuses on a relationship with God through prayer, worship and reading His Word. People who buy this stuff may have that, but I feel like items such as Christian action figures exentuate external elements of faith. I think that children and adolescents are the target audience for this marketing too. But I worry about kids and teens that grow up with Christian clothes, Christian music, Christian toys, but not a real in-depth understanding of what they believe. Things like this open up the possibility of being surrounded by faith without ever touching it.

Other concepts bother me too. I worry that this is something else that will enable Christians to island themselves off from other peoples until they live in their own Christian world where they don't really know what other people think or go through.

And I suspect that stuff like this promotes a type of religious materialism.

I don't think the stuff is necessarily bad, but there is much about it that I don't like. And I know many other Christians who feel the same way.