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Thread: The Plausible

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    Religion, art, sport, the media, romantic love, advertising, literature, even our identity, depend on the suspension of disbelief.

    The suspension of disbelief has only one rule, it must be plausible. It can be right or wrong, it makes no difference, it can be good or bad and it makes no difference, all that matters is that it is believable.

    For instance, during WW II we didn't use the concentration camps, the extermination camps, as propaganda against the enemy, because no one would believe such things could exist

    Mbti is eminently plausible: it is sciency, it is want we want to hear, but most of all it is about 'me' which is irresistible to a narcissist.

    To wake from the myriad of plausible trances, in which we live, takes moral courage.

    And although physical courage is quite common, all firemen and women, police, military, elite sportsmen and women, have physical courage, moral courage is quite rare.

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    I don't know if cognitive functions are real but the descriptions for the various MBTI types do seem to resonate with many people. It does with me and I think it's the same with the astrological signs. The descriptions seem to be accurate for many people and I think that's the appeal of it. It seems to work and that's what many people go by.

    I'm entirely open to the possibility that MBTI theory is garbage and that the personality tests used to sort people are actually sorting observable traits that are linked genetically. For example, the trait of introversion may be inherited along with the trait of intuitive perception, a love of cats, and aversion to loud noises. In other words, the 16 types may be nothing more than clusters of traits that are linked genetically and we don't really know why people are that way.
    So if another planet were discovered in our Solar System, would it be named Urpenis?

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