on the surface,fire and water are opposites,but when you get down to it. they are more similar than you think. when I think of fire,I think of life,passion,love,compassion,intensity, and force and fluidity and healing. When I think of water,I think of it as the exact same thing. When fire and water are under control,they flow well back and forth in a steady way. fire and water reflects the person who is manipulating the elements.to me fire,when I think of fire,I think of the origin of all life, your soul is basically composed of fire or you can say that your soul is composed of fire,but when that fire runs out,it will be eaten by worms,ants and possibly vultures as it slowly decades and water preserve life,because it can be used heal you and keep you going for the day. fire can be used to heal bruises.

I can think of the opposite,hate,imprudence,lack of focus and lack of self control. like a fire going out of control or water flooding cities and possibly worlds