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    Different Types of Meditation for Focus, Control, and Creativity - The Bioneer

    Found these VERY interesting, I follow the Bioneer and this is some of the better content I've seen him share, I am rubbish at mental math but perhaps it should be something that I should develop. I'm very interested in how meditation could meditation can influence concentration and focus but much more interested in how it could influence attending to or paying attention to something or refusing it to another thing, such as something distressing as he discusses in the video.

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    Your mind is plastic, and you actively strengthen and weaknen aspects of it just by thinking you are good or bad at something. Believe it can change, and it will over time given enough thought and training.
    The strongest ones bleed in silence.
    Have no one applauding their growth.
    Have no one watching their healing process.
    They bloom in silence.

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