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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind Up Rex View Post
    "Of course the heathens are heathens. How is this news?"
    Well... yeah.

    That's the definition.

    noun: heathen; plural noun: heathens

    a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (especially one who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim) as regarded by those who do.
    "You know, with Hitler, the more I learn about that guy, the more I don't care for him."
    Norm MacDonald
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    You clearly missed the point of my post. It is not about the merits of eating less meat for health or environmental reasons, but rather about hypocrisy, something that always sticks out like a sore thumb to the average INTJ . No, those clerics of old knew nothing of these reasons, though they were surely familiar with the reality that eating meat on a regular basis was out of the reach of the poor. The purpose of abstaining from meat, as with fasting, was penance and self-discipline. This purpose is defeated entirely when one substitutes high end seafoods, as Catholics of means have always been able to do.

    Moreover, while I have a fair amount of respect for Pope Francis, I certainly don't make it a point to read every official pronouncement he makes. For that matter, while I was still a Catholic, I heard very little of such things. I grew up in one of the largest parishes in the suburbs of a major US city, attended religious education faithfully, and was taught precious little about the history and doctrine of my own church. I actually learned more about this while attending a very secular university. The church threw the baby out with the bathwater in Vatican II, and this was part of the result.
    So you were a "cultural Catholic"?

    Laudato Si is for lobster and prawns. some areas, and time periods, lobster and shrimp were very affordable. ..maybe not so much in 20th century Boston or wherever you were raised...but in coastal places, like the Mediterranean and British Isles, and in places like Maine, those are not necessarily high end pricey seafoods. In fact let's reflect on the historic reasons people would have even started consuming bottom feeders, and the insects of the sea. It was once the same with escargot. ..snails were easier for the poor provincial people to get than animal flesh.

    The fact still remains, the actual end result was the same - people ate less of the very animals which are destroying the earth today as livestock. And yes if people practiced the same thing today, as discipline or self control, for the idea of helping the poor, the end result would be common good. It doesn't matter what the details were - the end result is clearly more Divine.

    There's a reason gluttony is a sin, and we are seeing that in the world today. It's mind blowing. I'm sorry you don't get it.

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