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Thread: your philosophy

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    Default your philosophy

    what is your philosophy or belief about life ?
    can be anything,it does not have to make sense or be morally good.
    can be more than one.

    do whatever it takes to get job done or accomplish goal.

    i believe in taking an idea,practice it and build upon it.

    you can always do better.
    Do as you please we are as gods

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    I would say my philosophy on life is pretty existentialist/naturalist. I think everything humans do, is rooted in our instincts and evolution as animals. Evolutionary psychology can explain everything. So there are certain patterns you can predict, regardless of how new something is, or is happening. The ultimate uniqueness in humans, is simply the ability to ask why, and search for answers. Our self awareness.

    Existentialism is how I approach my own existence, as there is ultimately no purpose in life. I do feel that we have to create our own purpose. Combine this with my understanding of quantum reality, infinite possibility, etc. To the point it becomes almost spiritual.
    "A known evil is better than an unknown good."
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    My philosophy of life edges heavily towards asceticism and transformation (and also slightly towards nihilism). I don't consider life to have intrinsic meaning, nor do I consider there to be many ultimate and all encompassing truths (ie. most things are relative if you boil it down, though there are some universal rules that existence seems to follow). Thus, I focus on creating meaning in a way that's relevant to me, which involves creating an ideal that I think would benefit others and myself. I also don't see the self as a concept existing outside of human creation, so I behave and think however I see fit to achieving my goals. Existence and "the universe" I treat as fluid and non-static. One of my such goals (which I only recently became conscious of) seems to be as "objective" and "reasonable" as possible so not to be blinded by my own mental distortions nor the figments of the world, which has unconsciously lead to asceticism.

    And of course, as my name suggests, if you couldn't tell from my above paragraph, I have a tendency towards radical doubt.

    “My deplorable mania for analysis exhausts me. I doubt everything, even my doubt.” Gustave Flaubert
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