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    Quote Originally Posted by anticlimatic View Post
    Well a toad is hardly likely to find a human attractive, isn't it? I didn't mean to assume anything about your life, that was more directed at your comment regarding your being unhappy with the inherit unfairness of the word- and the mediocre being more financially rewarding than the exceptional at times. If you were just positing it as a point, it was only the point I was comparing myself to.
    Imagine a marine who has criticisms of international policy because he was overseas murkalating innocent civilians.

    That's me. When I bitch it is not equal to any common ape in the jungle. If some bum who believed in conspiracy theories bitched about the foreign policy you would assume him crazy. But now, if it was a 5 star general fully indoctrinated into the system...the cream of the'd be more inclined to listen.

    Ya dig Ramone? I can't expound on the details, but to extend the metaphor, there is mass genocide going on right under your nose.

    Now more narrowly, Imagine someone who is on three boards for three different fortunate 500 companies, not as a board member, but as some privy to the invormation. I can tell you right now, you are unconsciously systematically being killed off in the name of your interests. You want fast food? You don't even know what sort of whole sale corporate manslaughter you're asking for, and systemically getting - literal. Every one of the big companies is creating a system of manslaughter killing millions. That cancer is not natural. You are in a free market, I guess, and asking for it. It's not a's just the way of things. Nature is a plutocracy - communism and capitalism, patriarchy matriarchy, doesn't are ruled by a few and it is random. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Your future is the product of a game of hungry hippos. Your life, worth less than a shit smear. These rulers, even with IQ's of 150, are not capable of handling the power. You would do the same as the process we are all responsible. No one is innocent. We are all responsible for the whole sale manslaughter of corporatism.

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    At the end of the day, hopes are for dopes.
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