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    Default All the world’s religions say, “The kingdom of heaven is within,”yet we don’t abide?

    Here’s food for thought for the deeper thinkers.

    “I am a Humanist, possess the real gift called Empathy. (I know sizable percentiles that claim empathy and amount to empaths, but in fact don’t possess true empathy. I’m also of Gaea or that our Mother Earth is alike a viable organism.

    This means I champion while upon mainland Florida, Facebook, LinkedIn, well above 200 articles and have been involved in plus 10 Myers Briggs Typology Index site open forums.

    I speak and write of women’s rights, animal rights, gay rights and privileges, need for political reform, Incest and the Domestic Abuse Cycle of battered women in America and indeed round the “(globe); wrong we live upon the sphere planet Earth.

    All the great religions say approximately what the prince of peace Jesus propounded, “The kingdom of heaven is within.”

    I have often gave a public speech or written, “That we live upon a world whose citizenry worship Fame, Beauty, Sex, Power, Prestige and Wealth.

    Yet we live on a materialistic world raping and destroying planet Earth with all its glory and biodiversity. I have written we are a reactive in nature species, not so much proactive.

    I expound upon these virtues: (1) a Human Happiness Ratio (a test of the citizenry happiness in their culture. This is an outdated old statistic. Anyone receiving $85,000, their human happiness does not go above the mean.

    This is implying the person’s who don’t wish to get a 2% increase in taxable income are selfish. We are a whole world organism. The people garnering wealth are not necessarily more of any kind harder worker than the poor.

    It comes statistically to being in a favorable position. We rank dead last of the discrepancy of the super rich elite and the poorest of the poor.

    (2) Environmental protection of its biodiversity. We rank world wide 65th. American’s we should be aghast.

    (3) Health care reform. On a documentary I viewed Taiwan posses the world’s best health care. The Taiwan people took and contrasted European, The United States, Canadian, Australian and Japanese health care. They took it upon their own people a system more viable than the America’s.

    (4) Parental Training is in need. ‘I know the general populace outcry that we have a right to bear children without any government intervention. If it takes a legal license in driving one’s car then people should be scrutinized before bearing children.

    (5) I’ve in the past written on wive’s tales and positivism’s. The naive, “Time heals all wounds.” I know from empirical data that a full 2/3 of children growing in an adverse home life for the REST of their lives grow up and have to take on an unnecessary put on their

    shoulders a dysfunction in at least 1 out of several divergent areas such: (5.1) Mental Health issues. (5.2) Substance Abuse problematic issues. (5.3) problems with relationships and. (5.4) Job performance.

    (6) Empathy training skills taught at the early education system. Young peers sitting in a circle and discussing how another’s belligerent behavior affect their own feeling. This coincided along (6.1A) Thought Empathy (6.1B) Emotive empathy skills learned.

    (7) Active listening skills learned in early education. I have been fond of the saying we have 2 ears with but 1 mouth, therefore we should listen more than talk.

    (8) Mindful Cognitive disciplining of one’s inner thought process. Teach children at the crucial earlier formative development child development about Cognitive Distortions in the unconscious human thought process.

    (9) A la Bernie Sanders (Independent, I believe from Vermont) A universal education package.

    (10) The raising of children in home environments conducive to mental well being. These include such ingredients: (10.1) Unconditional love, not one based on parental expectation. (10.2) The child feeling safe in the home. (10.3) The appliance of the needful ingredient; Nurture. (10.4) The realistic set of proper boundaries.

    (11) Seeking to get out of last place of all the world’s counties wealth discrepancy gap of rich and poor in America.

    (12) I as my Myers Briggs indicates happen being INFP. These are thought of akin and likened to as a dreamer as well a visionary. I do not know all of the viable cures to societal ills and afflictions. I do know however some starting points.

    What I don’t understand is the leadership in Washington do not even use high school juniors debate style of staying and using objective fact in dialogue. I do know what I have ability of pragmatic and stoic control over. it is disheartening that this quagmire of those in power continues unabated.” LightSun
    LightSun Paul Peaceweaver

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    We are Bob.

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