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    Default Do you have a Spiritual Name you try to live up as an ideal?

    Question: Do you have a Spiritual Name you seek to pattern your life as a guide?

    My self titled name I can but try challenging my mind, heart and soul is Apollo “The Greek god of Inner Light” LightSun Peaceweaver.

    What is the purpose of a group invite only Soul Family which my adopted Soul Sister NT helped create.

    Soul Family: Important Topical Issues of Life as Well as Making Use of Socratic Open Ended Questions. Wisdom must stem from within oneself.

    I do not give out answers. I ask and respond, and meet on commonality. I am a Peaceweaver not a Peacekeeper. I help others discern the truth from within.

    My adopted Soul Sister INFP helped with the creation of Peaceweaver.

    Peaceweaver’s initial vision and mission statement.
    1. Wisdom
    2. Love
    3. Music
    4. Art
    5. Quotable religious and secular quotations of the brightest minds of men and women who have graced this planet with their being, lives and souls.
    6. Important queries and deep probing questions of life.”

    Source: ‘Please Understand Me: Characteristics & Temperament Types by Professor NT David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates, @Copyright 1984 Gnosology Books Ltd.

    This was required text at Nova University and St. Petersburg, Fl. both located in the city St. Petersburg and his research is based on 40 years of research.

    My most honored colleague Nathalie Laurin , a 0.75 high testosterone physics female INTJ across the United States did take MBTI aka Myers Briggs Typology Index while an officer in the US military.

    Quote Professor Keirsey, “Apollo was the self-appointed bearer of Truth and he undertook the task of interpreting for men the will of his father, Zeus.

    Apollo symbolizes the duality of the Hellenistic spirit: the urge to ideals, to truth, to beauty, to spirituality and sacredness, and the accompanying desire to plumb the profane, the ugly, the corrupt, and the fleshly.

    He stood for the Grecian bringer of therapeutic music and song. He represented the healer of mind and body.

    He was the giver of prophecy, the divine and the incorruptible. Within Apollo the sense of mission, the cult of the individual, and the search for identity.

    INFP’s have a profound sense of honor derived from internal values. The INFP (male INFP are under or less 1% of the U.S. population) is the Prince or Princess of mythology, the King’s Champion, Defender of the Faith, and guardian of the castle.

    Sir Galahad and Joan of Arc are male and female prototypes of an INFP. To understand INFP’s their cause must be understood, for they are willing to make unusual sacrifices for someone or something believed in.”

    In a US general populace of well past 3,000,000,000 individuals therein are other INFP male’s that get represented. Carl Rogers of Rogerian Therapy was an INFP,

    INFP Patrick my Soul Brother, a Licensed psychologist who is EMDR certified. Ironically Kelly Phillips a past landlord was too INFP and worked in my area of the soft science’s based psychology as a social worker.

    An INFP pantheon.
    1. St. John: The Beloved Disciple and author of the Gospel of John. The most metaphorically written book in the Bible and my favorite book in the Bible.

    2. ‘Sweet Helen Keller: I am in subjective awe and she is my ultimate Role Archetype Model to emulate. Blind and deaf author.

    3. John F. Kennedy Jr.: President of the United States.

    4. Mary: Mother of Jesus.

    5. Isabel Briggs Myers: Psychological Theorist.

    6. Carl Rogers: Reflective psychologist, counselor and founder of Person Centered Psychology with unconditional regard.

    7. Albert Schweitzer: Theologian, Musician, Physician and Humanitarian.

    8. William Shakespeare: Bard and author of Avon, England. Considered the “Greatest Author of All Time.”

    9. J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

    10. Gandhi: Human Rights Advocate and a Role Model to Martin Luther King Jr. In non-violence strategy to affect social change.

    11. Elenor Roosevelt: First Lady to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Humanitarian, champion and advocate for other people who’re disenfranchised.

    Notation: These so listed here, their works were examined and scrutinized by the highest caliber of Academia.
    LightSun Paul Peaceweaver
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    My baptismal name/patron Saint is St. Justin Martyr, but historically we (Christians) look to the Theotokos as our Mother as she demonstrated by her life how to be the ideal Christian. She is many things to us, of course. One of those is that of the Second Eve. She is also the ladder to which God descended to Earth, and the ladder to which we reach heaven. She is also the Tabernacle/Ark of the Holy Covenant, for she contained God within her womb. She is the Queen of Heaven. And on the feast-day which we call the "Annunciation" she demonstrated perfectly a submission to His Will. And so, we look to her as our example.

    25 Now there stood by the cross of Jesus His mother, and His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. 26 When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing by, He said to His mother, “Woman, behold your son!” 27 Then He said to the disciple, “Behold your mother!” And from that hour that disciple took her to his own home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightsun View Post
    Notation: These so listed here, their works were examined and scrutinized by the highest caliber of Academia.
    .... sounds credible.
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

    “Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.” ~ H.P. Lovecraft
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    Closest thing I have to a spiritual name is a demon in my dream once told me my name was Dareyth.

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    Hmm... I was given three names back when I was interacting with a few people in a pagan group (this was about 9-10 years ago). I was told never to reveal all three of them to anyone who may intend to use those for harm, but it can't hurt to give the first one I suppose: Iris (as in the Greek goddess of the rainbow). The names given to me were based on my "mentor" assessing my personality at the time - they told me, more or less, that I was meant to walk the path of peace and enlighten others. This person also foresaw me opening up an ashram in the US in my later years. My friend from this group who died in Jan 2010 (brain tumor) had also had this message conveyed to me, that he saw my soul as a rainbow across a blue sky.

    Not quite sure where they got all that from looking at someone like me, but it sounded like a grand idea that fits in with my ideals even now, even though I feel like the antithesis of all that in my current situation...
    “The world breaks everyone, then some become strong at the broken places.” ~Ernest Hemingway


    Quote Originally Posted by Nijntje View Post
    "And then, raising my lids slowly and looking out from underneath my lashes, i captured him with my eyes"

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    My username conveys the same feeling that I have in metaphysical meditation. Both ravens and black widows represent how I feel there.

    Circus life under the big top world, we all need the clowns to make us smile
    Through space and time always another show, wondering where I am. I'm lost without you. Journey

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