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On the one hand I know what you are saying but on the other I think that the possible impact of technology is always exaggerated, I mean if it wasnt we'd have had a totally crime free utopia a very long time ago.

What law and order there might exist is largely a mix of good fortune and good people.

People who claim that technology is not a big or perhaps even a dominant factor don't understand how world really works. Without technology average human life lasts about 25 years. 7.5 billion people alive would never be reality without technology. Oil and similar important resources would not be consumed and over them there would be no wars (what would make global political reality to be completely different). There would be no political ideologies as we know them, there would not be abortion debate for obvious reasons, there would not even be primitive architecture that was built centuries ago, diseases would still kill large parts of the population, there would be no education that allowed political landscape .... etc. Without technology you have nothing, even hunter-gatherers require some technology.

Technology allows what you call good fortune (and resource stability), but it is double edged sword if not handled correctly. Which is why you need proper and available education, since in the world of technology the knowledge is power and if people aren't properly educated they are destined to become second class citizens and eventually poor. Since in the world where seller is 20+ steps ahead of consumer the logic of the market will collapse and we will end up with evil.