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    Default Relating Numerology to Enneagram

    Not sure how many people on here have interest/knowledge about numerology, but I have a solid amount.

    Who want to share the date of their birth (example: April 8th - just talking about the 8). Then share your enneagram as well.

    Yay for conversation.


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    ugh, dude, I really begin believing numerology, because I've never been thinking about my birthday August 8th, 1988. So, I have four numbers of 8... I don't know why I'm so lucky, but my life is really linked with the number 8 - I had 8 true friends, but after 8 years we were separated around the world, but after 8 years we met together without any agreement to meet We were so happy, however that's not the single coincidence. Once, when I was 24 (three times 8 years) I was lucky to avoid a car accident, because I decided to simply walk instead of traveling by bus... Do you believe me, but I began believing my number 8, I even read the well known article about spiritual significance 888 to understand my life and what will be in the future.

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